BCG conducts a Hunt and Shoot competition each year, normally held in September or October

The organiser of the Hunt and Shoot chooses the venue for the competition and the twelve subjects for the competition.  The twelve subjects are not known to the competitors until shortly before the commencement of the shoot.


Participants will meet at the nominated place at the nominated date and time to register and collect the list of 12 subjects from the organiser. 

A digital camera must be used for this competition. At the time of registration, an initial identification image will be taken by the entrant using the camera to be used in the shoot and the sequence number of the digital image noted by the organiser.

The aim of the competition is to take at least 1 photograph of each subject. Photographs may be taken in any order. Participants are allowed to take photographs only from within the designated area of the venue. The subject must be in, or visible from, the designated area of the venue.

No more than 24 photographs may be taken during the competition.

Memory cards must be presented to the organiser for validation and for downloading of the images onto the organiser’s laptop no later than the nominated end time of the competition. 

There is no post-processing of images.


Selection of images to be entered

Following the outing, participants shall select one image for each subject and email the list of subjects with the corresponding file name to the Hunt and Shoot Coordinator in the format Subject-Your Name-Image Number.

Note that the original images downloaded to the organiser’s laptop will be submitted by the organiser to the Judges.

The competition winner is the person with the highest aggregate score for the 12 images.

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