BCG Set Subjects 2023






A pictorial representation of land, sea, seashore, or urban environments that captures the aesthetic appeal of these outdoor settings. It brings the viewer into the scenery and perfectly captures the setting, mood, and feeling in the location. It can focus on wide-angle shots of landforms, rivers, estuaries, seas, seashores, city skylines, streetscapes and the like. It may also involve closer shots of features of these environments.  If humans or animals are in the image, they should not be the main foci, but rather be intentionally present to give a sense of scale to the image.



Images of all living animals of the animal kingdom both untamed or domesticated  (including pets) in natural or other outdoor environments that may include objects made by humans. Images may feature single or multiple animals. Indoor set-ups with natural or artificial lighting are not allowed. Creative post-processing, including composites, is allowed.



Social Documentary B/W

Social documentary photography is the recording of what the world looks like, with a social and/or environmental focus, and aims to draw the public's attention to ongoing social or environmental issues. It is often associated with the photographer providing a critical review / assessment of these issues and how people act on them. In these cases, the photographer also often advocates for the people impacted, trying to draw the public’s attention to the topic documented. Images need to be black and white (grey tonal range) and not toned with any colour.


High Key

An image which consists of light tones only, with the exception that some small area may be black or near black.



An image of a person or persons from the waist up only, not a full length shot. This may include accessories and backgrounds in character with the subject. The image may be taken in a formal studio setting or in the community at large. It may be in colour or monochrome. Must be a live human being (mannikins, statues or ornaments will not be accepted).


Water in Motion

A picture featuring water, fresh or salt, which gives the impression that it is moving. Water in any form or location is acceptable.


Dark and Moody

A low key dark toned image of any subject that evokes a mood and/or and emotional response, be it an emotional mood created by the subject matter and/or an atmospheric mood created by dramatic lighting. Not limited to any particular genre such as portraiture and may include landscapes.  



An image that has minimal compositional elements and where effective composition, particularly the use of space, has emphasised the simplicity of the image.




An image where the main subject or subjects are made of glass. Images may include glass objects, mirrors, architectural glass. The glass itself is the main subject of the image not the reflection unless the reflection is glass itself.



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