Contemporary Photography meetings are held regualrly throughout the year. These meetings are to learn about specific trends in photography and what is relevant to you. We break into Special Interest Groups (SIG) to discuss techniques, show your latest work and organise events. They are member driven and directed.

To stay up to date with what is happening in the SIGs you are interested in, check out the BCG Home Page and read the weekly Short Notes publication sent to Members.


Street Seen - Street Photography Special Interest Group (SIG)

Members of the Street Seen SIG meet regularly throughout the year to go on street photography outings and have regular presentations via zoom to discuss different aspects of street photography. These presentations often involve guest speakers who are established street photographers. The aim is to learn from one another and improve their skills and abilities as street photographers.
For the latest information on Street Seen activities join the BCG Street Seen Facebook group.

Video Special Interest Group (SIG)

Members of the Video SIG meet regularly throughout the year. The group has been established to explore techniques for creating small video productions with existing equipment. This covers from concept to final production including the shot listing, shooting techniques, interview techniques, editing and sound production.
For the latest information join the BCG Video SIG Facebook group.


NOTE: If you have any ideas from Special Interest group that you would like to attend (or assist with) please contact the club via


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