The Presenters Night meetings, held on the 2nd Monday of the month, are open for general discussion and presentation of photographic topics. BCG invites guest speakers to these meetings to provide interesting and topical information for our members.

Presenters Night meetings are open to all and cover any and all facets of photography including camera basics and creativity.

Meeting Format

A typical meeting would start with a welcome to all attendees and new visitors, the introduction of the night's proceedings and general announcements. We then have a quick image show from members' images before a guest speaker presentation. This is followed by a light supper break.

Digital Image Show

The Digital Image Show is a non-critical, non-competitive showcase for images that members would like to show to others in a public forum. Typically, these images might be recently captured images, those that have been previously entered in competitions or any other image that a member would like to share. The rules for submitting images to the digital image show are:

You can submit up to FOUR images

  • The subject matter is completely open
  • The images for the Digital Image Show should not be greater than 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels in height and submitted as sRGB JPEG files. Maximum file size 2mb
  • The filename should be in the format ‘Member Name - Image Name .jpg’. For example, if Bob Jones submitted an image called Red Rose, then ‘Bob Jones - Red Rose.jpg’ would be the descriptor title
  • The web link for image submissions is: For more information, click here

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