BCG monthly competitions are held from February to October. They are judged by someone external to BCG, either a judge accredited by the Photographic Society of Queensland or by a professional or semi-professional photographer. Members compete within their grades (A, AB or B).

Set Subjects - 2020


Competition entries may be made as Prints or Digital Projected Images (DPIs).

Prints are to be submitted to the Print Manager before or at the Presenters Night meeting on the second Monday of each month.  Note that a DPI of the print entry must also be submitted.

DPI entries and digital copies of Print entries, must be submitted via this website by midnight of the Presenters Night meeting on the second Monday of each month. DPIs and digital copies of print entries must be in the correct format (within maximum image dimensions, file size, filename etc) otherwise the system will reject the entry. Also, late entries will be rejected by the system. See Quick Tips #1 Upload Images Directly to a Competition and Quick Tip #3 Add Images to a Competition from My Image Gallery (both also available at Documents and Files to Download > Website Quick Tips) as well as the Visual Pursuits Help Video “Uploading Images” to assist in submission of images. In-depth guidelines on image submission are available in BCG Competition Guideline #1 version 1.3 (also available at Documents and Files to Download > Website How-to Instructions).

Entries may be submitted in the nominated Set subject category and/or the Open category (see the Calendar for monthly Set subjects). Under the “Submit Images to a Competition” tab you will find four types of sub-competitions from which you can select the Set or Open categories and the corresponding medium you wish to use for each entry – Prints or DPIs.

Each member is permitted to enter a total of 3 images in each monthly competition. The system will not allow more than 3 images to be submitted. The entries may be distributed in any manner between the Set subject and Open subject categories. The following media combinations are acceptable:

  • 3 prints, 0 DPIs
  • 2 prints, 1 DPI
  • 1 prints, 2 DPIs
  • 0 print, 3 DPIs


  • An identical image, regardless of format (print or DPI, colour or monochrome) may be entered only once in a Monthly competition unless it is deemed by the judge to be an Entry  (Non-acceptance) in which case it may be entered again.  Note that colour and monochrome versions of the same image are regarded as identical images.
  • Names, copyright information and image filenames must not be included in the image of DPIs or prints.

Image formats


All prints must be mounted in mats. There is no minimum mat or print size, but mats must not exceed 40.6 x 50.8 cm (16 x 20 inches). 

Labels are to be attached to the back of the mat. Each label requires … Grade, Member Number, Image Title, Set or Open. The arrow on the label is to indicate the top of the image. Pro-forma labels for monthly competitions are available in BCG Competition Guideline #1 version 1.3.

Digital Projected Images (DPIs)

The maximum allowable dimensions for DPIs are 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high, with a maximum file size of 2 MB (2048 kilobytes).  DPIs should be in 8-bit sRGB colour space and be .jpg files. Note that the height limit of 1080 pixels applies to both Portrait and Landscape formats.

File Names

All other details of your entry are allocated by the system when you make an entry ie Grade and category Open or Set. A unique Image ID will be allocated by the system to each image.  The unique User ID, allocated to you in your Account, will be associated with each entry.

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